Gravestone Contributors

The Eleanor Bone Memorial Fund would like to acknowledge and thank all contributors for their wonderful efforts. There were some funds left over after the gravestone was bought, and these were transferred in aid of buying a memorial plaque for Charles Clark, also an Elder within the Gardnerian community.


First and foremost, a warm thank you goes out to the committee members who made the gravestone possible: Vivianne & Chris Crowley, Philip Heselton, Ronald Hutton, Melissa & Rufus Harrington and Sophia Boann.

Special thanks

The Eleanor Bone Memorial Fund would like to especially thank the following people for their enthusiastic support and contributions.

For designing Eleanor’s gravestone symbol

Si Mandragora or

For providing articles and pictures

Melissa Seims, Liam McConnell, Link MiamiBeach, Brian Goldstar

Financial Contributor

Those financial contributors who wished to be listed are:


Vivianne & Chris Crowely

Melissa & Rufus Harrington

Philip Heselton

Yvonne Aburrow
I am delighted that Eleanor’s contribution to Wicca has been recognised by our community and that her life is being appropriately commemorated by the installation of the new headstone.

Geraldine Oxenham & Darren Jones – Coven Circle of the Four Winds

We honour the memory of a truly great witch.

Julia Phillips – Cotswold Coven

Justyna  – Coven Well of Wisdom

Bran – Coven Cauldron of Cerridwen
An elder of the craft now in the Summerlands, sadly missed but her contribution to the craft shall never be forgotten. Blessed Be

Clive Harper

Elaine Knight – Coven Vipers Nest
A Gift for a Gift.

Merlyn – Children of Artemis

Sharon Day – Temple of the Stag/Stag Coven


Dronma – Coven Callieach Ban’s Cauldron
With gratitude.

Sandy – Coven Callieach Ban’s Cauldron
For all you have done.


Sophia Boann – Coven Cup of Wisdom
While you are remembered, part of you remains. Eleanor Bone is not forgotten. 

Barbara Lee & Gavin Morrison – Serpent Coven


Keith – Galapas

The Netherlands

Morgana – Coven Silver Circle
To Eleanor with thanks for all you have come to mean to us. You will never be forgotten.


Peter Andersson – Coven Court of the White Ravens




Enenna – Coven of the Silver Fountain


Ilan Weiler

United States of America

Nerodia Estrella

Foxfire Coven
With love and gratitude from family in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Sean Tyler & Patricia Hansen – Coven Circle of the Fire Tribe
With love and gratitude.

Robb Stabler – Coven Argentum Sol

Thank you for bringing the Craft to so many wonderful people, in so many parts of the world.  Blessed Be!

Antero and Caelan – Polyhymnia Coven
Donation made in honor of one of the mothers of our craft.

Hannah D – Rowanberry Coven

Deborah Snavely – Soma Sidhe coven / New Wiccan Church
The many excellent Witches of the Ray Bone line honor Gardnerian Craft in word, deed & magic.

Si – Mandragora Magika
May she rest knowing that her memory will live on in those who she helped pave the way for.

Shelli Hudson English

Turner Cain aka Edward Livingston – The Emerald Coast Coven
Though I personally made this contribution , it is nothing to what Eleanor Bone brought to us all.  May the Gods Preserve the Craft.

Jenny Chalek/Pandora – Coven Lions of Rhea
In loving memory of one of our Founding Mothers.

Gryffin Veritas – Coven Estrella Veritas
From her downline in Texas, grateful for all she did for the Craft.

Anne & Todd Forrester – Minneapolis Midtown Coven
In memory of Eleanor Bone, with gratitude.

Kalisha Zahr and DarkStar coven
In memory of Eleanor, with love and gratitude from her descendants in California.

Kalisha Freeman Perry –  Moondancers Covenstead of the Artemesian Tradition
All elders of the Craft deserve to be honored and remember. Eleanor was a pioneer and  great lady. May her works live on to inspire future generations.


M. David Goodwin
In memory of Love that we may commemorate the Work our Sister did for the Old Gods during her life.

Heather & John Duke – LindenWood Coven

Robert R. Huneault – Firestone Coven


Melbourne Coven
In memory of Eleanor, with respect and gratitude.

J.Dunster & R.Malcolm – Sydney Coven

Janeena Woodville – Coven Morningstar
With love and gratitude for all that has been passed down the line from you to me. Blessings Eleanor.

New Zealand

Aurora – formerly Unicorns Coven, London