New Brooms For Old

Prediction – Monthly Miscellany November 1966

Mrs. Eleanor Bone, one of our leading modern witches, is planning to form a coven in Cumberland. At present Mrs. Bone, with her husband, runs an old people’s home in London. But she has taken a cottage at Blindcrake, near Cockermouth, and is now busy modernizing it before moving in.
She says that even before they thought of moving to Cumberland, she had a number of letters from people in the area expressing interest in the craft.
“I think people in the country” she added, “are fare more sympathetic to the craft than city people.”

In the Glasgow Herald however, Alastair Phillips thinks Mrs. Bone will not find things easy in Cumberland, which, he says, is already full of witches and warlocks. “She will doubtless find her cantrips severely tested by the rivalry of many experienced, if less well-known, witches and adherents, who will be less easily overcome or convinced than the idle and decadent dilettantes of the London suburbs”.
One might, I think, reassure walkers who climb the Great Gable or stride along Striding Edge, that they need not fear meeting any air-borne witches or warlocks. Modern witches do not fly, not even on vacuum cleaners